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SEO Consulting

Do you have an SEO question that is burning fire in your mind?

Ask me to clear your doubt with a Skype session

I know every site needs someone who can understand which strategies can be implented to bring traffic to the next level.

SEO Auditing

This SEO Audit is not about putting your site in Screaming Frog or any other tool to give you a complicated excel file.

I will check your site for any issue that is preventing it to show to the top of Google especially in the form of a recorded video.

Get Audit Your Site!

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I have written articles on many famous websites from SEMRUSH to Propakistani to Dawn News. You can read my SEMRUSH post.

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Bloggers Funda

I have been writing in Bloggers Funda since 2016, and I have written more than 100,000 words of SEO knowlege for free. Bloggers Funda has over 100,000 members that are growing fast.

A Blog for People to Learn 17 Skills

For Free

Do you want to learn SEO, WordPress or Shopify? You can visit my site where you can learn any 17 skill for free. I wish I had such a site to learn a skill. 


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RedFxStudio is all about helping the people to show the reality of SEO that can be told and implemented in a totally different way.

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The founder is Adil Mukhtar who loves writing, reading and teaching about everything that touches SEO.